Share Your Wedding Memories on your Social Media with Content Creation

What Does a Wedding Content Creator for Social Media Do?

We’re not your typical photographers or videographers. We’re memory makers, dedicated to capturing and instantly sharing online those special behind-the-scenes moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. Armed with the latest iPhone technology, we weave these moments into captivating content that mirrors the heart and soul of your celebration. Our service creates social media posts, stories, and reels/TikToks that beautifully tell your wedding story and are seamlessly shared on your Social Media on the same day.

How Much Does a Content Creator Charge for a Wedding?

Our pricing is designed to ensure you get the best without breaking the bank. While specific rates vary depending on your needs, we offer packages tailored to fit different budgets. Rest assured, our focus is on giving you exceptional value that complements your wedding plans. As with many wedding services, our pricing is calculated hourly.

What Is Wedding Day Social Media Content?

Think of it as your digital wedding album with a twist that goes live on your wedding day. From heartfelt social media posts and stories to dynamic reels/TikToks, we create engaging content that reflects your joyous occasion. Every laugh, every tear, and every dance move – all captured and transformed into stories, posts and Reels/TikToks that stand the test of time.

How Do I Hire a Social Media Content Creator for My Wedding?

Hiring us is as simple as saying “I do.” Reach out to us, and let’s discuss your vision. On your wedding day, we work alongside your professional photographer and videographer, allowing you to share the moments instantly with your followers. We introduce ourselves as part of the team, capturing candid moments without disrupting the flow. Our aim is to enhance your experience, ensuring every precious moment is captured.

Does Wedding Content Creation Replace the Photo/Video Professionals?

Absolutely not! We’re here to enhance, not replace, the vital work of traditional photographers and videographers. They will always be the leaders on the day and we will be there to capture the behind-the-scenes. Our approach adds a modern twist, allowing you to instantly share moments on social media. We will work alongside your wedding photographers and videographers, shadowing them and making sure we are never in their shot. Picture this: heartfelt vows, energetic dance-offs, and spontaneous laughter – all curated into TikToks and Reels that capture the essence of your celebration and are shared on the same day.

Your Wedding Memories, Elevated:

With Wedding Content Creation, you’re not just reliving your wedding day; you’re reimagining it with a touch of modern flair. Let us be your memory catchers, transforming your cherished moments into captivating stories that you can share instantly. We will use the combination of our iPhones as well as your personal mobile phones to save the moments from your day.


To make sure the technology does not fail, we are coming with a backup iPhone as well as a few power banks and additional charges and cables. In addition, we will have a mobile phone gimbal for smooth video footage and a dedicated microphone to record better audio.

Get in Touch:

Ready to infuse your wedding memories with modern magic? Reach out to us today, and let’s start capturing the moments that will make your special day unforgettable.


  • 6 hours of coverage
  • 3 posts: 1 Reel / TikTok, 2 image carousels
  • All unedited photo and video delivery within 24 hours
  • 2 hours travel from Bedford


From £500
  • Custom number of hours
  • Agreed number of posts: Reels/TikToks, image & video carousels
  • All unedited photo and video delivery within 24 hours