Female Wedding Videographer

Female Wedding Videograper

We get asked by many of our clients if we are able to offer a female-only crew of videographers for their wedding. Thankfully, we are able to answer, “Yes!”

Video privacy guaranteed

We understand that you may prefer to know that the entire process from the consultations and the videography, all the way through to the editing, can be done by an entirely female team. Our Female Wedding Videographers crews have received additional training to be exceptionally empathetic to your requests. If, for any reason, you would prefer that your wedding footage is not seen by anyone other than our female-only crew, then we are more than happy to ensure this. It is our top priority to respect our clients’ traditions and privacy.

We have found that our female videography services tend to produce a different type of creativity and approach than our male and female teams of videographers.

Personalised and attention to detail female videography team

We are happy to discuss the benefits of our female-only crews with you during the booking process. We want you to be 100% happy with the way that the most special day of your life is captured to be relived forever. We can give you examples of settings where we have found that a female-only crew has produced the best results. Why don’t you email us at hello@justhappytogether.com so we can start the conversation about your special day now?

Professional and friendly Female Wedding Videographers crew

You may be a bride who would feel more comfortable speaking with another female. You may be a groom who wants more of an insight into a female videographer’s ideas of what the bride may desire. You may want the female-only crew to wear a particular type of clothing so that they blend into the wedding that you have planned to perfection. Whatever your reasons, Just Happy Together are able to accommodate your every requirement. We have a long history of exceeding our clients’ every desire, and that is one of the reasons why we can provide a female-only crew as part of our normal offering.

If you are a bride who is interested in speaking with another female about your wedding video, you can stop by and see us in Luton, Bedfordshire. There is a very large Muslim community there and we are glad to be a part of it.