Destination wedding

The Caribbean for your exotic wedding destination

Just Happy Together loves to make special wedding videos that are truly unique and original. We have been part of many Caribbean weddings and we excel in capturing the beautiful moments between the bride and groom. Many of our clients choose certain Caribbean islands as the venue to celebrate their special day. We are able to incorporate the culture and history of the islands in the video, while also elegantly capturing the romance and enchantment between you and your partner. We are also able to bring the Caribbean theme to weddings in the UK. Sending us an email at with the details of how you envisage the plan for your wedding so we can be a part of the preparations is something that you won’t regret.

Mediterranean Islands as your beach wedding destination

Having your wedding at a destination like the Mediterranean islands is beautiful and exotic. The soft and warm sand, the clear turquoise waters, the ever-colourful flowers everywhere and the tropical breeze all make it an amazing and romantic setting for your event. Due to the remoteness of the islands, it offers the bride and groom the choice to have a small and intimate wedding with only close friends and family involved. Your wedding should be a day of bliss and happiness, and hosting it at such a relaxing and alluring location can be a great stress relief for you both.

Dubai for a luxury wedding destination

Dubai is one of the most desired locations for couples to host their luxury dream wedding. It is particularly popular when bride and groom are from two different cultures or countries. Dubai is the perfect meeting point for both families! From luxury resorts within the city to romantic desert 5-star hotels Just Happy Together wedding videographers have seen the most beautiful weddings from all angles. Check out our favourite wedding venues in Dubai by clicking HERE.  Wherever you are in the UAE, there’s almost always a beautifully coloured sky that hosts exquisite, golden sunsets in the evenings. Incorporating the sunset into your wedding video can help bring a passionate and romantic feel that will undoubtedly look amazing. Sunsets only last on average for about thirty minutes, so it is extremely important to have an experienced and knowledgeable videographer like Just Happy Together to ensure all of the shots you want are taken in that short time.

Regardless of whether your wedding will actually be in the Caribbean, Mediterranean islands, Dubai or if it will be a themed wedding in the UK, we promise to provide you with an unbelievably beautiful wedding video that you will cherish forever.