Wedding Mood Boards

Wedding Mood Boards

Wedding Planning Using Mood Boards advice from BRIDE PREP. The use mood boards can really help you out when planning your wedding. Learn more how to create one for yourself, how it can help for your preparation and what to do with it once the wedding is over.

Wedding Planning Using Mood Boards | BRIDE PREP

(video transcription)
Hey, everybody, welcome back to “Bride Prep”. For this episode, let’s discuss wedding mood boards. If you have no idea where to start your wedding planning process or need a foundation on which to build upon, a mood board is a fun way to begin. It will provide you with a solid base for future tasks and help you concentrate all of your ideas into one cohesive project. A mood board will establish the theme of the wedding and will help you decide upon such matters as color, style, or details, and maybe even load you up with fresh ideas and latest trends! The simplest way to create a wedding mood boards is to research, save, and paste images of the things you find attractive on a piece of cardboard, or whatever else you might find handy. You can create more than one if you like several different themes or styles. You can also choose to create a virtual mood board using an online platform, such as Pinterest. Take your mood board to your wedding planner to communicate your ideas, or save it as a nice memory for the future! I would absolutely love to hear about your own mood board ideas. Leave in the comments down bellow links to your favorite online boards for inspiration. Thanks for watching and give this video thumbs up if you are enjoying our advice videos and I'll see in the next one, bye!

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