Create a Seperate Wedding Email

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Why to Create a Separate Wedding Email, a tip from BRIDE PREP. Have you thought of creating a separate email address only for your wedding? Speed up and declutter your wedding planning process with this simple tip. Our practice had shown that having a separate email address dedicated only to your wedding helps brides to stay organised before the big day.

Why to Create a Separate Wedding Email | BRIDE PREP

(video transcription)
Hi, it’s “Bride Prep” again. For this episode, let’s discuss wedding email. Consider creating a separate e-mail address exclusively for your wedding. It will be easier to manage and you won’t have to scroll through irrelevant emails while looking for a particular one related to your celebration. In one place you will have all the contracts, terms and conditions, offers, phone numbers, addresses, and whatever else might become useful up until the wedding. It sounds like common sense, but not a lot of people truly do this. Trust us, having everything in one place makes your life so much easier. Another great thing about a separate email – no wedding related mail in your personal inbox to deal with after the day! If you want to go one step further, dedicate a folder to save all the wedding related information. If you need a refresher on your video delivery date for example, you’ll just open your dedicated email or grab your folder and voilà. Share with us your experience if you have created a separate email address for your wedding and how it's working out for you. Give us a ‘big thumbs up’. Thanks for watching and I will see you in our next video!

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